Building Project

Building The Village

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The building project at The Village has taken some twists and turns over the years. Yet, God has shown His faithfulness to us by guiding us to the plan and the people that would bring His vision for our facility to reality.

Completed, august 2018! - Phase One - Dedicated Children's Space:
  • Includes an addition onto the front of the church creating opportunity for a more impactful presence in the community

  • Upgrades original parts of the facility, opened in 1968, through renovation of adjacent existing space

  • Creates a dedicated and more secure children’s ministry wing for easier drop-off/pick-up for our families

Phase Two - The Village Cafe:
  • Re-purposes our existing nursery and preschool area into a new café, complete with fireplaces and comfortable seating

  • Welcomes worship service attendees

  • Creates additional opportunity for members of the community to visit throughout the week and become familiar with our facility

  • Provides new space for ministry group gatherings

  • Scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018

If you would like to contribute to our Capital Campaign, contributions can be made through our giving page.

We welcome all of your questions and encouragement regarding our building project. Feel free to contact us anytime.

-Jerry Ginter