Family Ministries

Family sitting together

Family Ministries is essential to our understanding of connecting with and caring for our community.

Our goal is to assist parents to be the spiritual leaders in their home. We want to equip parents to make the most of those hours they have, while we strive to make Sunday morning some of the best hours of a child’s week by helping them build strong relationships with friends and adults in an engaging and dynamic way.

Our desire is not only that we fill the children with the knowledge of God’s love, but also that they know we care about them.

We want to help prepare families for the journey of life; celebrating God’s love, connecting with others, and caring for those around them.



Infants and Preschoolers are important to us at the Village. We find this ministry to be so much more than just childcare but rather a time to begin a foundation of spiritual formation in a child.

We offer infant care through the completion of preschool at all of our weekend services!

Kids have the chance to play with one another, sing songs, and engage in age appropriate crafts!

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Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry at the Village is a place where kids can come and explore the Word of Jesus Christ and learn how to apply these findings in everyday life.

We strive to provide age appropriate, engaging as well as a high energy delivery of God’s word for kids grade K-4. We believe that children are a vital part to the body of Christ so we offer programming for kids during all of our weekend services.

For more about Children’s Ministries, drop us a line!