Worship Arts

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At The Village, we recognize who God is and what He is doing for us and in us. In response, we engage in a lifestyle of surrender as our act of worship. We worship through Celebrating, Connecting with others, and Caring for those around us. Worship is not limited to our services, but happens in everyday life.

The worship arts team at The Village is made up of people who use the gifts God has given them to create environments for corporate worship. We are a team of worshipers who strive to offer our best to God in every area of our lives.

Contemporary Worship Team

Our contemporary services focus on an immersive worship experience. We use moden songs, lighting, and technology. Our worship song sets are challenging, energetic, and biblically sound. If you enjoy being a part of a team, and bringing your musical gifts before God, we invite you request an audition.

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Media & Technology Team

We believe technology is a tool for worship. We use technology to help create and enhance our worship services. We create an immersive experience where we do our best to show the magnificent nature of God, along with shaping the overwhelming sensation that comes with an experience with God. If you have a passion for technology, and creativity, volunteer for the tech team.


Youth in The Village Worship Team

Our youth services include all of the service elements that our contemporary services use. We have a fully youth led band that creates energetic and relevant worship experiences for teenagers. If you are a teen, and have passion for music, this is a great opportunity for you to lead in worship, as well as develop your music abilities.

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Celebrate the Journey Worship Team

At Fairview Village, we have a Monday night service called Celebrate the Journey. The band mimics what we do for our contemporary services, with modern music, and contemporary-style bands. For more information about Celebrate the Journey, check out the CTJ minstry info.

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Traditional Choir

We offer a traditional worship service at 8:25 a.m. on Sunday Mornings. This includes a choir and praise team. We sing classic hymns, and well known chorus’ that are both comfortable and familiar.

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