Faith Promise
Puerto Rico


El Progreso Church
& Child Development Center

El Progreso, Chorrera, Panama
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Work & Witness Team, Spring 2018 Update

  • Thirty team members, aged 12 to 70+, spent nine days doing construction, hosting Vacation Bible School, delivering medical help and distributing much-needed shoes.
  • Collectively, we carried about 1,200 pounds of medicines, 500 pairs of The Shoe That Grows, Bibles, backpacks full of school supplies, and construction tools all in our luggage.
  • 389 patients were seen in 4 days of medical clinics at 3 locations, with nearly all receiving some amount of vitamins or medications
  • 280 pairs of Shoes That Grow distributed at 3 locations including Playa Chiquita (where about 100 of the shoes were distributed) as well as being distributed at the medical clinics
  • 144 backpacks with school supplies were distributed, primarily at El Progreso
  • 140 Spanish language Bibles provided to the El Progreso Church for use by the congregation or to be distributed to those who don’t own one
  • 4 days of Vacation Bible School held, with 80-120 children each day. Most importantly, 30 children and 5 mothers committed their lives to Christ as part of the VBS program!
  • The ongoing construction continues to take place.

Work & Witness Team, 2017 Summary

  • El Progreso is a church outside of Panama City, serving the community for 30 years.
  • They have planted five churches from this location, and would like to expand part of their facility into a two story addition, to increase their ministry to the community, with similarities to our church’s prior project in Rancho Arriba, Dominican Republic.
  • The Village is currently participating with El Progreso’s Child Development Center in Panama, as well, where children come for a hot meal, tutoring, Christian education, and a bi-monthly health checkup.
  • Renovations have been completed to stabilize and maintain the existing building, and construction on a two story addition has begun.
  • The Village will be taking teams to work on the construction of the project, to have classrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, preschool care, office and meeting space for the children.
  • There will be at least six Work & Witness trips from 2017 through 2019.

Faith Promise

Faith Promise

What is it?

  • A program that combines our efforts with other Nazarene churches across the globe to systematically support world evangelism financially.
  • We set aside one weekend per year, usually held at the beginning of February, to hear about lives that have been changed through Faith Promise. We focus on the impact of world evangelism and the new opportunities developed to reach people groups locally and globally with the message of Jesus Christ.

How do people get involved?

  • On Faith Promise weekend, individuals make a financial promise to contribute toward the effort throughout the year.
  • In preparation for the weekend, we pray about the amount we should give beyond our tithe for global mission, and whether it will be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or a one-time gift.

Where does the money go?

  • 151 world areas, including:
    • The Village Norristown
    • Our efforts in Panama
  • Disaster and emergency relief
  • Economic development in the world’s poorest areas
  • Clean water initiatives
  • Anti-human trafficking efforts
  • Refugee/immigrant support
  • The Jesus Film project
For more information about world evangelization or contributions to missions, contact Pastor Kelly Yetter at kelly.yetter@fvcn.org or 610.539.3333 x7717.
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Child Development Center Successes

Disaster & Emergency Relief Efforts

Economic Development & Clean Water Programs

Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives


Bethel Child Development Center

Rancho Arriba, Dominican Repubic

Work & Witness Team, Spring 2016 Update

  • Phase 2, of the work started in 2008, has been completed in Rancho Arriba with the addition of an orphanage for a small number of children and a large group area.
  • The Village held sports and medical clinics, and the first dental clinic.
  • The church in Rancho Arriba has started a church plant site on the other side of town, and, on their own, completed a basic building for worship.
  • The Village will continue to stay connected and support Rancho Arriba, and plans to send teams periodically to help perform maintenance and possibly medical or dental clinics in the future.

Work & Witness Team, Spring 2015 Update

  • Great progress has been made! A lot of physical work has been done on the site during the team’s stay. They spent some time watching the students learn in their classroom, and had a little extra time to play with the kids!
  • Special recognition of 10 year old Nathan Fisher, who worked hard all day long, right alongside the team (he even outlasted some of the adults), and he did it all with a smile! He said that working on the building was the highlight of his day each day we were there!
  • Seeing how The Village Church is impacting the lives of families in this community here in the Dominican Republic, is truly an amazing thing. It is a team effort on all fronts – Thank you for your continued efforts and support!

Work & Witness Team, 2013-2014 Summary

  • A Work & Witness team assisted in the construction of a new facility at the Senda Infantil Child Development Center in San Juan De La Maguana, Dominican Republic, providing a facility to care and connect with more Dominican families.
  • Villagers support 124 children of the Rancho Arriba Child Development Center in the Dominican Republic.
  • The Rancho Vision Project impacts hundreds of Dominicans every day providing diagnosis clinics, eyeglasses, and hearing aids. Over 70 children have received eye surgeries.


The Village Norristown

Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA
The Village Norristown is located at 329 East Main Street, Norristown.  The goal of our Compassionate Ministry Center is to bring the message of the Living Christ to the people of Norristown and equip them with the tools to build a better life. We are dedicated to building strong, positive relationships and working together with the community. One channel we use to implement a solid foundation at TVN is our After-School Program, which we launched in 2016. This program includes after school tutoring and various activities for underprivileged children. Another positive channel we use is our Celebrate the Journey recovery ministry. We also have a Single Mothers Ministry which offers a support network, parenting skills, a financial education program, continuing education information and much more! In the near future, we will also begin looking at other programs for children, youth and adults.


Christi Whitekettle

Rwanda, East Africa
From the time I was a little girl, I was drawn to the idea of missions and to service in general. In college, I studied Sociology and Urban Studies, with a desire to serve the poor. I was thankful to have the opportunity to put that passion into action by serving neighbors in Norristown following college. One evening in 2003, I was in a Bible study group where a friend shared facts on world hunger. Although this was information I had heard many times before, I was struck in a new way and felt compelled to action. So I began to pray that the Lord might permit me to serve the poor somewhere in the developing world — somewhere where the poor would literally be my neighbors. And I began to feel that God was shifting my path in that direction.
After much contemplation and searching, I felt drawn to the work of wholistic development — serving the poor both physically and spiritually in an integrated way, using local initiative and local resources. Eventually, that path led me to Food for the Hungry (FH), a Christian relief and development organization and, in 2007, to Rwanda. During my first year in Rwanda, a FH colleague launched a social enterprise called Azizi Life. The goal of Azizi Life was, from the beginning, to share Jesus’ love by partnering with local artisans so that they could lift their families out of poverty through the beautiful work of their hands. Since that time, Azizi Life has grown and multiplied. We now have not only the crafts business, but also a business bringing visitors to experience rural life with the artisans, another business working with beekeepers, as well as a small Rwandan not-for-profit organization, and a small not-for-profit organization in the US. We believe that we are a part of Jesus’ kingdom coming and His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. Our faith is integrated into all of our work, and we seek to be used by God in the lives of the artisans and also of our customers. I never thought that the way that God would call me to serve would be through business, but now over 400 people and their families are further from poverty and experiencing God’s love through his work in Azizi Life.
My goal personally and our goal with Azizi Life is to partner with people in rural Rwanda who are working to rise from poverty through their own ideas, work, local resources and initiative. We want to share Jesus’ love and his Gospel in everything that we do. The work we do with Azizi Life enables rural artisans to rise as leaders for the development of their cooperatives, homes, and communities. We estimate that among the 400+ artisans with whom we work, there are over 2000 family members who have better access to nutrition, health care, education and overall wellbeing because of the increased family income. We also began in 2017 to offer classes in literacy for artisans and their neighbors. These adults have dreams of being able to take leadership roles, join their church choirs, complete their own documents, and vote without assistance. We are excited to give Bibles to a graduating class of about 180 new readers in December 2017.


Claire Amico

Jinja, Uganda
In the spring of 2016, I began to feel a heightened interest and tug on my heart for ministry abroad. Over the next six months, I continued to pray about this desire I felt God had laid on my heart, and in November, I began exploring online to see what was available. In February of 2017, I recalled seeing on Facebook that Amazima Ministries would be opening a school soon, so I went on their website to see what was available. I saw that they had opened a position for a Math teacher at the Amazima Staff Children’s School that very day. I applied. The next few months were a blur of back-and-forth with The Amazima School, seeking counsel from trusted Christian friends and pastors, conversations with my parents, and eventually, accepting the position as the Math Teacher at The Amazima Staff Children’s School!
I have the privilege of serving at The Amazima School in Jinja, Uganda. I get to serve God and the families who serve at Amazima Ministries as the Upper Elementary and Secondary math teacher and Biology teacher at the Amazima Staff Children’s School. This allows the Amazima Staff to serve to the best of their abilities, knowing that their children are receiving a high-quality classical education. I also have been given the opportunity to build relationships with the Ugandan students by leading a small group every-other week. Building Christ-centered relationships with the students who attend the Amazima School is essential as we are teaching them about who God is and who He created them to be. I have been blown away by how deeply many of our students have come to understand the gospel in just one year of the school being open. I count it a blessing to be able to do life alongside both the western and Ugandan students I have come to know and love. Your support allows me to keep doing the work to which God has called me, which has come to be my greatest joy.
The Amazima School is a boarding school that serves some of the most vulnerable children in the area. The school allows them to receive an education unlike that of any other school we are aware of in Uganda, where they are learning about Christ, and they are free to do so in a safe environment with mentors, teachers, and friends who are doing life alongside them and are willing and able to answer their questions.

Puerto Rico

Jamie & Lisa Amos

Puerto Rico
We left for Puerto Rico in May of 2017 with hearts to be used by God. We’ve always felt strongly that believers should be living as missionaries wherever they live. We expected our ministry to be serving in a local Christian school for children who are deaf as well as relational evangelism among our neighbors. We never could have anticipated that we would live through the devastation of Hurricane Maria and our ministry would turn into hurricane relief.
Months after the hurricane, Puerto Ricans were still in great need. Just miles from our home there were entire communities without electricity, water, and other basic life needs. God has opened doors for us to bring clean water, solar power, and the hope of Christ to these families.
God has unfolded now exactly what he has been preparing us for. Cross-cultural living in a Spanish speaking country, among families in need is where we always thought we’d be.
The miracles that God performed to save us from the hurricane and its aftermath, the amazing ways He has provided for our physical and emotional needs, and the perfect doors He has opened to serve, leave us with no doubt that we are exactly in the time and place of ministry that God has planned for us.


Additionally Supported Missions Ministries

Josh & Kathryn Himes

Cru exists to create caring communities passionate about Jesus Christ at universities around the world. We believe that if we can reach the campus today, we can reach the world tomorrow. Our goal is to win students’ hearts with the message of the Gospel, build them up in their faith, and send them out to lead others to the love of Christ in their churches, communities, and workplaces. We daily meet with students to teach Scripture, mentor, and cast vision for how they can be a light to their campus.
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Child Sponsorship

Fairview Village Church Work & Witness projects over the past 8 years have focused on Child Development Centers to provide or enlarge the facilities. The care for the children in these Centers is primarily funded through Child Sponsorships through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. $30 per month sponsors a child, providing a hot meal, tutoring, mentoring, access to a visiting physician, supervision, a safe place to belong, and spiritual care. For more information about sponsoring a child, contact Pastor Kelly Yetter at kelly.yetter@fvcn.org.
The Village Norristown
The Village Norristown is Fairview Village Church’s compassionate ministry located in the East end of Norristown. The After School  Program at The Village Norristown provides a safe place for children to come, get homework help, tutoring, and explore athletics, arts and music. The kids also receive Bible teaching twice a week. The After School Program is helped through funding of our Sponsor-a-Child program. A Child Sponsorship is $25 per month, and covers daily snacks, school supplies and other program expenses for a designated child. For more information, contact Megan Brooks at megan.brooks@fvcn.org.

Norristown Hospitality Center

  • They serve approximately 85-90 people per day, 6 days per week, or 27,000 per year. On average, 50% have never been clients there before, resulting in 14 new people touched each week.
  • 65% of them became homeless due to extenuating circumstances, 57% have a HS Diploma OR GED and 21% have a secondary education.
  • Approximately 1/3 of the new clients are “Housed Poor” — which means they have a place to live but are on the verge of being homeless and cannot afford food, clothing, or other necessities.
Available help includes:
Crisis intervention and case management
Breakfast served daily
Personal hygiene, clothing and warmth
Groceries and holiday baskets
Daily devotions, weekly Bible study & Christian discussion times, and Christian 12-step programs
Flu shots & immunizations, periodic doctor visits, transportation support program
Client mail and telecommunication
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Youth in Action

Youth in the Village strive to serve inside and outside the walls of the church. We have been blessed with teens serving in various roles at the church, such as involvement in the media team, worship team, children’s ministry, and various other ministries in the church.
The students of Youth in the Village have made an impact in the world by serving locally as well as internationally. We are always keeping our eyes open for new opportunities that offer our teens a place to serve and learn to be servants.
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Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) works to support local churches around the world in their efforts to actively live compassion as a lifestyle.
Following the example of Jesus, NCM partners with local congregations around the world to clothe, shelter, feed, heal, educate, and live in solidarity with those who suffer under oppression, injustice, violence, poverty, hunger, and disease. NCM exists in and through the Church of the Nazarene to proclaim the gospel to all people in word and deed.
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