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Fifth grade graduation - group prayer
June Newsletter Focused Story
5th Grade Graduation
We would like to share a little bit about our graduation ceremony for the 5th graders with all of our supporters and volunteers. For those of you who know Kevin, Dayra and Samantha, they are 3 incredibly special kids.
Last month, we held a graduation ceremony for them on the last day of our After School Program, as we sent them off to 6th grade (our After School Program is only K-5th). During the ceremony, many kids and volunteers shared about the impact that Kevin, Dayra and Samantha have had over the last 3 years. We were even able to surround the graduating kids, lay hands on them, and pray over them. My prayer for our 5th graders is that the seeds planted at TVN would be watered along the way, that the scriptures and lessons we have taught them would stick with them, and that they would always know how loved they are by their creator!
We ARE looking forward to Dayra and Samantha joining us next year once a week, as “Junior Volunteers”!