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August Newsletter Focused Story
Kenya Fonrouge
This month, I’d like our story to focus on our Assistant Director of The Village Norristown, Kenya Fonrouge. Many of you may not know that Kenya fundraises her entire salary. Kenya, like myself, is a missionary to TVN, and even with three kids in the house, she has put her entire trust and faith in Christ’s provision for income. I can speak personally, that this is not an easy place to be.
Kenya is an incredible addition to our team. If you have not seen her interact with the kids, you have missed out on beautiful proof of God’s love. Kenya is patient but firm, understanding, and has a natural gift in connecting with our families. She is a true part of our TVN family and serves an irreplaceable role for us.
Many of you have walked and prayed with us over the last year, as we have desperately prayed for funds to come in for Kenya. As we tried to put our trust in GOD’s timing, he spoke time and time again to our team “I have a plan”, “Keep putting your trust in Me”, “I am your provider.” We tried not to lose heart as the funds came in more slowly then we – in our human nature – felt secure about.
Just recently, God’s provision RAINED on TVN, with an anonymous donor donating enough for Kenya to be fully funded for the rest of the year. Please join us in PRAISING GOD for this provision. Without Kenya, our ministry is not possible. We need her!
– Megan
We are still looking for families and individuals to be a part of Kenya’s long term support. We want to keep her as a part of our team. If you are interested in getting updates on Kenya for prayer or financial need, please email Megan at
July Newsletter Focused Story
Andre and Amoria
This month’s featured story is particularly meaningful to me. If you stick with it through the backstory, you will see the proof of something I tell the kids all the time “God always keeps his promises.”
For those of you who have been following TVN for at least two years, you may remember that two years back, we had two children named Amoria and Andre in our After School Program. Andre and Amoria are delightful children: loving, thoughtful, creative. We had Amoria with us since the very start of the After School Program, and she was loved by all volunteers.
Andre and Amoria were under the unofficial custody of their grandmother, Dona, and Aunt, Dana, as their father was incarcerated and their mother was struggling to a point of not being able to parent. Our community surrounded this family well. We had turkeys donated around holiday times. We had volunteers stay late to help the kids catch up on school work. I visited with Dona and Dana often to see what they needed.
About a year ago, Amoria and Andre’s biological mother came and took them from Dona. The kids stopped coming to all programs, stopped going to school, and eventually were taken down to Florida in the middle of a custody battle. This was one of the more heartbreaking times that I have had in this position. Andre and Amoria were so close to my heart. They were so innocent and so sweet, and all I was hearing was stories of them not being taken care of. The last time I’d seen Amoria she was frail, and her Grandma admitted that Mom had not been feeding them properly.
I prayed and prayed and prayed. I cried many times. My heart broke for Dona, who could barely even bring herself to tell me that they were gone. Legally, I did not know what would or could happen. Dona would drive all the way down to Florida every now and then to visit them just for a few days, often to be told she couldn’t see them, or have it cancelled at the last minute. As I prayed, I felt God tell me, as he often does… “As much as you love these kids, I love them even more. I love them perfectly. I am their protector.” I did my best to trust that.
About two weeks ago, I was sitting in my office registering kids for our Summer Programs when I got a call from Dana. This is not abnormal, as I have kept in contact with both Dana and Dona, and meet with them every so often. I answered my phone, and she asked immediately, “Miss Megan, is there still room in your summer camp for Andre and Amoria??”
Well, being the emotional hot mess that I am I immediately started crying, said YES, and asked a bunch of questions.
An hour later, Dana was in my office, with these two precious babies, explaining to me that she had finally won legal, PERMANENT custody, and was in the process of adoption.
Amoria and Andre looked SO incredibly happy and healthy. I looked at them and said “ADOPTION?” and they beamed. They are in a loving, consistent household. They are thriving. My God is a protector, and he always keeps his promises.
Fifth grade graduation - group prayer
June Newsletter Focused Story
5th Grade Graduation
We would like to share a little bit about our graduation ceremony for the 5th graders with all of our supporters and volunteers. For those of you who know Kevin, Dayra and Samantha, they are 3 incredibly special kids.
Last month, we held a graduation ceremony for them on the last day of our After School Program, as we sent them off to 6th grade (our After School Program is only K-5th). During the ceremony, many kids and volunteers shared about the impact that Kevin, Dayra and Samantha have had over the last 3 years. We were even able to surround the graduating kids, lay hands on them, and pray over them. My prayer for our 5th graders is that the seeds planted at TVN would be watered along the way, that the scriptures and lessons we have taught them would stick with them, and that they would always know how loved they are by their creator!
We ARE looking forward to Dayra and Samantha joining us next year once a week, as “Junior Volunteers”!