Our Team

Worship Arts

Dave Roberts

Worship Director

Church Ministries

Nick Engle

Pastor, Ministry Team Lead

LeTonya Clark

Group Life and Operations Team Lead

Andrew Ervin

Pastor, Family Life & Global Outreach

Bianca Chang

Associate Pastor, Communications Director and Internet Pastor

Kelly Yetter

Pastor, Counseling Center Director

Harold Barrow

Pastor, Celebrate the Journey, TVN

Sandy Allerheiligen

Associate Pastor, Assistant to Ministry Team

Harry Smith

Associate Pastor, Middle School Ministries

Jon Gerlach

Associate Pastor, Youth Ministries

Community Ministries

Suzanne Meenen

Director, Kids in the Village Early Learning Center

Kenya Fonrouge

Assistant Director, The Village Norristown

Business Staff

David Barlow

Business Director, Team Lead

Howard Lee

Facilities Director

Tricia Rush

Finance Director

Lead Pastor

Dave Bennett

Lead Pastor