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Daphne Berry

Daphne Berry

Children's Pastor
Upward Sports Coordinator


Daphne Berry pastors 5th & 6th in The Village, Tiny Town, and she is also the Upward Sports Director. She loves to share the Good News with children and families about the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

5th & 6th in The Village
One of her big priorities is to help preteens own their own faith early in life.  The preteen years are hard enough without the pressure of not being able to explain what you believe and why.  So every week she breaks down Bible passages into bite-sized nuggets for them to know and understand how God wants them to live and share their faith with others.  She teaches that discovering your faith is a lifelong adventure.

Tiny Town
Here at The Village, the faith adventure begins in Tiny Town where babies through kindergartners are shown the love God has for them through the love of their caregivers.

Upward Sports
Upward Sports programs is another passion of Daphne's.  She, along with a large group of volunteers, gets to share the Gospel through athletics utilizing the Upward Sports 360 degree model to help kids mentally make wise decisions, athletically improve physical abilities, spiritually embrace life’s purpose, and socially foster healthy relationships.  

Daphne says, "I know how important it has been to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I don’t want anyone to miss out on this fantastic journey."