Our Mission

Fairview Village Church exists to point people to Jesus Christ. Our goal is that everyone experience the love of Christ, and we do that in three ways: We Celebrate, We Connect, and We Care.



Celebrate speaks to our desire to worship the Risen Savior. It highlights the fact that our worship is founded and formed on our understanding of God's grace. "Jesus Christ died on the cross for my wrong-doing and in opening my heart to him, I find forgiveness and purpose." This word also reminds us to let the grace of God flow through our words, thoughts, and deeds. We are people who celebrate the goodness of God in every circumstance and situation. Every weekend worship service at The Village is an important part of our celebration. 


Connect calls us to lock our arms and hearts together as we journey through life. God created us to live in community. When we live connected, we reflect God in His fullness. This is an inviting and welcoming reflection to the world around us. Though we connect in the café, seminars, coffee house, etc., we make a special connection in connect groups. We are people who understand God’s purpose in connecting so we connect and help others to do so.


Care urges us to serve each other and our world. We volunteer with excitement and enthusiasm in all the different areas of our local church because it shows we care about each other. We reach out when someone among us is at a loss or hurting because it displays the heart of Christ. Ultimately, we go beyond ourselves to live out the gospel in caring acts to those God has placed around us. We seek out people in need here and abroad to show them the love of Jesus and support mission efforts, both locally and globally.