Upward Sports

We live in a culture that is immersed in sports. Sports is one of a few experiences that touches nearly every kid at some point in their lives. That's why we put so much energy and lots of resources into the Upward Sports program offered here at The Village.

Upward Sports is about developing total athletes: mentally, athletically, spiritually and socially. It’s about building positive character traits that have lasting benefits beyond a child’s athletic experience. Through Upward, we want youth sports to be about more than just chasing the next win, we want kids to grow on and off the court or field of competition. It’s about transformation, not expectation. Upward is playing with purpose.

The Village offers Upward Football & Cheer in the Fall, August through October, with registration happening in June & July; and Upward Basketball in the Winter, January - March, with registration happening in September & October.

Volunteer Opportunities Available!

Hosting a successful sports program takes committed coaches, referees, media and tech help, snack stand volunteers and more. Take advantage of this fun service opportunity that develops kids and helps them play with purpose.

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The Upward Sports program at The Village is directed by Pastor Daphne Berry. Please feel free to contact her with any questions at 610-539-3333 x7718 or

Upward Basketball


We have a Recreational League for boys and girls in 1st through 6th grade as well as an Instructional League for Kindergarteners and 1st graders.

Recreational League: 1st - 6th Grades
Instructional League: Kindergarten - 1st Grade


Upward Football & Cheer

registration is now open!

Upward Sports are a great way for kids to learn about teamwork, respect for authority and sportsmanship while honing their athletic skills. Upward Flag Football is open to boys and girls entering grades 1st -6th. Upward Cheerleading is open to girls entering grades 1st - 6th. Practices are held on weekday evenings and games are held on Saturdays. 

Detailed information about Upward Flag Football and Cheerleading for the fall of 2019 is available HERE.

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