Dominican Republic (DR)

Child Development Centers

Dominican Republic


Work & Witness Team, Spring 2023

Mary Coleman Child Development Center, El Factor, Nagua
  • Our team helped supplement the work done by teams from another church, bringing this expansion towards completion, adding capacity on the second floor of an existing child development center. 
  • Vacation Bible School was also conducted for several days at the church.

Work & Witness Team, Spring 2022

Rancho Arriba Child Development Center, DR
  • Our team made some renovations and assisted the church as they prepared to come out of the adjustments they made to their operations during the pandemic. 
  • Permits for the orphanage were not approved, so the space set aside for that was repurposed through the renovations.

Work & Witness Teams, 2014-2016

San Juan De La Maguana Child Development Center, DR
  • Fairview Village sent two teams to help supplement the work being done by other teams on this large project to build a new Child Development Center and sanctuary for this dynamic church in a larger city.
Rancho Arriba Child Development Center, DR
  • Our church sent four teams to expand the building by adding a second floor, for use as church sanctuary, and in preparation for small orphanage.
  • Medical, vision and a dental clinics were conducted.
  • Held Vacation Bible School sessions and distributed various school supplies.

Work & Witness Team, 2013

Vision Celestial Child Development Center, Santo Domingo
  • Added a third floor to expand the capacity for this child development center.

Work & Witness Teams, 2008-2011

Rancho Arriba Child Development Center, DR
  • Fairview Village made a major missions commitment to build a child development center and church in Rancho Arriba, a small village in the central mountain area of the DR. From 2008-2011, Fairview sent nine teams to complete construction on this child development center.